Scrolling through Instagram, my favorite spare time wandering place, I read a picture quote that said “Trust in your own weirdness.” I told Eamon to come look and he read it and said “Cool”. And here’s what I then said to him.

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All their lives, people wish they had permission to just be themselves. They love/hate people who are uniquely themselves. So when you do your own weird thing, people will like you even more than if you are doing the thing that it seems everyone else is doing. And they’ll resent you for it because they don’t have permission.

That urge to conform is built into our genetics. We need to be accepted and avoid being outcast from the tribe. Our acceptance by the group guarantees shelter and food. So the primal urge is to conform and live. Being different can cause your demise, your out-casting from your family bed. But for a creative, it’s necessary to heed that call. And so we often avoid our weird convinced we’ll die if we follow it.

Weirdness on

Yet, in order for innovation and societal advancement to happen, we need people who think differently. People who risk their comfort zones to think up the tech and the tasks that advance us, cure us, enlighten us, and civilize us. And if we’d embrace our differences, our weird, we’d no longer war, persecute, or hate.

So today, let’s be weirder than the other people. Let’s join together with other weird people and celebrate our weirdness together. Let’s band together in common causes and innovate our thoughts and processes to help the world advance. And lead our children by example showing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting our freak on every once in a while. Let’s be impressed and commend their unique views because those are what will inevitably change the world.

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  1. Sue Simmons Reply

    Weird I will be. a challenge working and serving in local government. In fact I was recently advised to be “less Suelike”. lol
    I’ll ignore that one.

    • I have been there with that one. And you are a living paradox Sue. Your exuberance and wisdom and honesty makes you fabulous for your job but Heck Yes, the starchy shirt people are made mighty uncomfortable by these qualities. I am glad my words spoke to and about you. And yeah, ignore that stuff.

  2. I love this, Shalagh! Well said! The pic of your little ginger in the toy cart is perfect for it.

    • You know Donna I looked hard for the weird pictures. The one I posted to Instagram was of her with a napkin over her head. Teeheehee.

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