Yeah, I can be a hater sometimes. Remember this post where I listed the things that got on my nerves? Well today, I’m sharing my

Top 9 Reasons I Hate Top Ten Lists

  1. People seem so focused on quantity instead of quality. More for cheap is how we like it. I feel shame.
  2. I feel further shame of our society’s monkey minded need to package quick answers in lists. Wham bam…
  3. Writers are dumbing down content and catering to the stupid so the rest can get it.
  4. And they’re selling out by making more and more of these bloody lists and feeding the public’s need to read them.
  5. The only exception that proves the rule was Dave Letterman’s top ten lists written by professional funny people. They made it look easy and good.
  6. Oh and because I just want to hate them.
  7. I hate myself for reading and/or liking them ever.
  8. If there’s only 9 items and you have to add one to make it a top 10 then it’s not truly a top ten list. Cheating is encouraged.
  9. And the number one reason I hate top ten lists is because I can’t seem to write one well.


  1. I’ve tried to do these in the past because they are supposed to elicit a lot of hits…
    I think I’ve done one… Also because I think they are mostly lame and can’t come up with ten real things to put on a list!

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