The world is full of people who are all fulfilling their destinies. Their GASes are theirs. They believe that they need to make these GASes (give a shoots) happen in order for their lives to be “Happy”. And then you have yours. And sometimes, their goals encroach, overlap, and eek into your life.

Boundaries are an important part of life. And are something that most of our parents did not teach us. Because they wanted their way too. Why give us veto power on their edicts? But, boy howdy, we need them when the world pushes. Because it will. And we need to know how to push back.

The World Pushes on

That may look like telling our families that we need an uninterrupted half hour, perhaps an hour, to ourselves. Or telling our boss that they’ve given us way more work than we can conceivably do in a month, much less a week. Or people emailing us with their expectations about our actions even though we said we wouldn’t be available until after the holiday. We have to know how to let the email sit in the email box and not bother us.

The boundary is ours, not theirs. It is up to us to say, no thank you. I am unavailable until after the first, Monday, or 9 o’clock in the morning. …Us…. If we keep giving our feelings away to other people’s actions, we are screwed. Consider that when you freak out about something, someone else has chosen an action you don’t have to choose to be a part of. Unless you do.

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