Officially, we are three days from the due date, in case you were wondering. I have been spending my time finishing all the little tasks and do’s from my list. And I’m almost done. Avoiding some sewing but I’m not throwing anything else on there either. Makes the feeling of accomplishment more possible.

At a recent Doctor’s visit, my obstetrician Dr. O’ casually asked if I was nervous to go and deliver the baby? I offered him this story. And I think he was amused.
As a teenager, me and my pallies went to an amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania here in the USA called Hershey Park. Yes, that’s also where they make the chocolate candies.There’s a roller coaster there called the Super Duper Looper. That loop was a scary big deal. Until you hit the top of the coaster hill and you’re looking down into the loop. And then all your fear just leaves you. Resignation takes over and the next thing you know, the centrifugal force has your head in your lap and suddenly, the ride is over.

The misery of carrying  this baby in my belly has got me about two audible clicks away from the top of the climb. And when I get to the hospital, I’ll be at the top looking down into the loop and it’ll be all business just to get him/her out of there and resume our new life back home .

It is hard to believe that I’m not ripe enough. But that really is up to my body. And unless one or the other of us was in distress, full term means when the popper comes out. So tomorrow, a pedicure. And maybe I’ll think about attempting that sewing. Or not.

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  1. You can do it!!! As Nike says, Just do it! and as Disney says, the circle of life….

    It’s little , it stays where you put it (at least for 6 months or so) and it doesn’t talk yet!!

    And it smells good, is warm and soft, and is you and those you love.

    Best to you.

    1. Suzanna,
      I have moments when I remember what a lovely gift these little weird creatures are. And a nice way to start human beings. Can’t wait to experience the tidal wave of love. Thanks so very much for you lovely words.

  2. Wow, Shalagh! You should spend these days up to the birth feeling as comfortable as possible. If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t need to get done. Don’t put any extra pressure on yourself. I’ll be thinking about you. All the best for a safe delivery. Love,
    Amy xoxo

    1. Don’t you worry about me Amy. What you can’t see is the delegating or the “screw it” factor going on. Got my team here. And have meals being brought. I am not stressed in the least.
      Healthy babies are us.
      Love Ya’,

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