I am ecstatic to report that I have made such immense strides lately. I saw my therapist yesterday and I had so much progress to report, I was almost surprised for all I had to tell her. And I talked so non-nonchalantly; no big deal. But let me tell you, this progress is a very big deal.

I can remember often holding myself emotionally hostage, frustrated because I wasn’t further along than I was. How come that person seems so far along in their journey? They apparently have figured out how to move beyond their fear so why can’t I ?

The Lesson I Relearn : It Takes as Long as It Takes on Shalavee.com

But those thoughts are crap and here’s why. Their progress and mine are apples and oranges. Most likely, their origin stories and mine are nothing alike. And the more I do this comparison crap to myself, the more I guarantee that I will stay exactly where I am.

In order to move from where you are,

You have to allow yourself to be

exactly where you are.

Forgiveness and compassion are the only ways that you will move from where you are. Shame will keep you cemented interminably in this spot and you are doomed to repeat the crappy feeling cycle like some sort of living purgatory.

I sat back and watched myself for a while. I gave myself compassion as I had the strength and wisdom to give. And then, I made one change, did one thing that I needed to do to move on. Started one habit, reached out to one person, gave up one ultimatum and moved on from where I was stuck.

And it’s feeling really really good. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress.

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