There’s a raw wood dresser in Fiona’s room.

And although I wanted to add some pizzazz to it, I didn’t want to paint away the gorgeous feeling of that wood.

wood and white dresser from pinterest on


wood and white modern piece on

I liked the mix of white and wood from these pieces but I needed modern girliness.

kate spade painted floor via the Hunted Interior on

This painted floor from Kate Spade New York via the Hunted Interior’s blog has been my obsession for a while.

I kept looking and looking for a floral that had this same feeling.

stencil on
sunflower stencil on shalavee-staging-1.local
birds and flowers on shalavee-staging-1.local

And there just wasn’t anything that would do. So I just went ahead and redrew what I wanted from the floor design.

Chalk design on the dresser on

Then I freehand drew the design onto the dresser with chalk as I’d done on the kitchen cabinets.

And then pulled out the paint and an inch wide brush and painted it out with one coat.

painted dresser on

I adore the large-scale and the pop of design in an unexpected way. Next up is my picture display chandelier.

To see the room reveal already, go to Fiona’s Room Reveal.

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  1. The chandelier link is bombing out for me. Waaah. Perhaps it is a link holding space with content yet to come. More pix of dresser coming? Intrigue – ing!
    Looks like a solution possible for that dresser I never finished. Yes I still have our designs and the dresser.

    1. Yes that was exactly it Michelle, I’d switched the posts and forgot to take out the link. If you mean the piece with the doors and the drawers, it’s a great piece. I’d encourage you to paint it anything other than that horrendous brown and yellow combo it was. Like a plum. And then stare at it and see what pops at you. Baby steps.

  2. I love the flower’s large scale too, and that you kept the raw wood – looks so good with the white paint! And, oh, that painting above the dresser looks delicious too.

    1. Thank you Dawn. It really worked and I was glad not to have over thought it. That painting on top is from a family friend. I’ve had it for over 25 years. There are two of them and they’re like part of the family.

    1. Thanks Andrea. A family friend of 30 plus years ago named Marie. I’ve been dragging her two pieces around with me since I went to college. I’m fond of them.

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