Fiona’s Room Reveal started yesterday. First up on the show and tell stage are the curtains. Ah the curtains. Long story short, they were a long story that needed an ending. I had a sewing phobia. And I got over it. Because I was silly and the room hinged on their completion. The story told in full and funnily is here.

Looks like I may be sewing afterall on shalavee-staging-1.local
hand gathered roman shade inspiration on shalavee-staging-1.local

The loose Roman shade design was based on some shades I saw on the Hunted Interior but I didn’t want to have to tie them up every time thus the velcro straps. First, I did a Pinterest perusal to feel the project.

This one was for a boy’s room. I loved the suspender straps and if I could have found three pairs of overalls, I’d have lopped off the straps with hardware in a heartbeat and used those instead of the velcro/ fake buttons gimmick.

curtsin tie up close up on

I wanted a roman shade feeling but looser. Decided to gather them up by hand and used Velcro on ends of my jean tie ups made from Mark’s old jeans and vintage buttons. The jean fabric inspiration was from the pops of navy in the curtain fabric plus I thought it was a bit of tomboy to go with the floral. I’m good at the finger pleating but my husband is not so you’ll note a difference in the quality of pleating in the window treatment shots.

Fiona's room Curtains with no rods on

I used some beautiful silk blend curtain panels I’d gotten from the Goodwill in Bridgeville, Delaware while shopping with my bestie during our monthly shop and lunch chow down at Jimmy’s Grill (fried chicken, sweet potato, and slaw). I am a sucker for fabric especially when it feels vintage. Yet I don’t always actually use it for all my good intentions. So this was really a necessary for me to use what I’d bought. This fabric was also the inspiration for a lot of the other art and color touches in the room.

Sadly, a project also can’t happen for me without some sort of crisis. At first it was the sewing machine. Then it was figuring out how to use two fabric panels to cover the three windows in the bay window configuration. I was stumped and unhappily trying to figure out a work around when it occurred to me to turn the huge fabric panels sideways. They were that big. Eureka, I had enough without piecing them together.

Also the tie-ups ended up different lengths and I mistakenly used sticky back Velcro which the sewing machine hated me more for. At first, I installed the flat wooden pieces that the fabric is stapled to with just one screw each to just “See how to do it”. This used to be known as jury rigging.  But then I spent another hour later on to correct all of my half butt jobs. I did it darn it. Next up is the rod design and second layer of the curtains which make the window ensembles completely fabulous !!!

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  1. Oh man, I am in love with these curtains… I can’t wait to see what you did with the rods! And that toasted oat wall color is divine – warm and beautiful. Love!

    1. I was so in love with this fabric Christina, I knew immediately what I needed to do with them. And the pink definitely makes it the Womb Room. The entire project turned out fab and for cheap too!
      Love Ya’,

    1. One foot in front of the other Amy. Soon I’ll be walking out the door. Quite honestly, decorating is never “done”. Hey and guess what (random non-sequitor), Eamon got to go see interpretive dance this past weekend! He was on the edge of his seat Mark said. A gentleman who he works with, it’s his and his wife’s company. A post apocalyptic bug theme! I so wished I could have seen it too.
      Thank you!
      Love, Shalagh

  2. They look so good! I love the denim tie-backs, and vintage fabric. I don’t like sewing (my mom and sister do)…so I love your humour & fortitude in the sewing (wars) stories. And a GIF of Fiona too – kudos! Looking forward to the next layer. xx

    1. Ah the sewing thing Dawn. And you help to prove my theory, those who’s mothers don’t, do sew and those whose mothers do sew, don’t. The gif was conveniently provided by Googleworld and I just had to find out where they get hosted, Giphy, for the link. Thank you for your enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to being done I can tell you.

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