Who knows how and when I fell upon Samantha Dunne’s blog Dunne With Style. I followed a paper trail most likely because she, like myself, plays with paper which she parlayed into a business offering gift wrapping packages for sale called “wrap it up”. And what blossomed from that was an opportunity Samantha saw to spread the happy contagion of gifting people via Instagram and snail mail with the Creative Exchange. Find the details here.

About her community making project created in 2014, she says,”From those that have already joined The Creative Exchange journey there have been new friendships formed, connections far greater than could have been imagined through social media, inspiration to learn and make snail mail and thank you cards, handmade gifts…. the thoughtfulness of the creative community that have connected is beyond my wildest dreams. This is what The Creative Exchange is all about.” Enough said. This is her about page picture for the project.

Samantha Dunne's Creative Exchange on Shalavee.com

Let me also add that I love her thoughtful self-aware blog posts about cheering yourself on and discovering what you are besides your self-doubt. This is the same speak that I share to my readership and I think that the connections with other creatives has improved my self-opinion and awareness and consequently my self-esteem. So I truly enjoy the wisdom she shares as she forges a path before me and my fellow online hang abouts and bloggers trying to figure out what’s next. Leaders that lead us back to ourselves are priceless.

Samantha Dunne's Creative Exchange on Shalavee.com
The Creative Exchange on Shalavee.com

So this past Creative Exchange round I raised my hand to take part and I was chosen. I was given a random name of a person in the US (Ms. Dunne is based in Australia) and mine was given to someone, and we commenced the online stalking for inspiration. All I could discern from my gift recipient was that they loved snail mail and gift exchanges so I settled on mostly supplies to play with. I hoped that my Secret Santa would be able to tell enough about me by searching my feed. And everything needed to be in the mail by November 30th. Which in the US meant I was scrambling to pull it all together during the Thanksgiving holiday. Whew.

But I did have a bit of fun when I set my mind to the shopping and the wrapping. I picked pink and kraft as my theme and away I went just grabbing for whatever was in my bins of my craft room. What fun! I have really enjoyed giving random cards and presie packages to my Instagram tribe and I hope that this exchange will connect me with more like-minded paper lovers. I sent the package off on Black Friday so it should reach them by Monday. And I’ll be watching my post box for my goody box too.

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