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  • As Summer Rolls On

    As Summer Rolls On

    I have continued to remain somewhat unplugged as Summer has set in and taken hold of my family life. A continuation from my last post in which I spoke of letting things sit and seeing what they mean and where to go from here. My intuition told me that in order to understand, I needed […]

  • No More Time Off

    No More Time Off

    I’m officially done with Summer. I’m done with the heat. I’m done with the pushy little girl I live with. I’m done with children in the house. I need time and spaciousness to myself so that I can embrace the beautiful things that reside in me awaiting their freedom. We had some moments, Summer and […]

  • Testing, Testing, is this Parent On ?

    Testing, Testing, is this Parent On ?

    This first week of school is notoriously rough for our youngest. There are new teachers, new routines, and new buses to acquaint themselves with. And I fully expect our train to derail somewhere in the middle of back to school week. I was slightly mistaken in that there weren’t as many neurotic breakdowns and a […]