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  • Stillness Thoughts in a New Year

    Stillness Thoughts in a New Year

    Stillness Thoughts in a New Year. A chance to chose my intentions and set the goals I want instead of what I ought to. A Flashback to 2019.

  • Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-care is a multi-layered endeavor. Brushing your teeth, taking pills, and exercising are all basic bodily care practices that when we are new mothers, seem to be more than we can manage. But eventually we get those done too. I have taken the past twenty years to really delve into taking care of my mental […]

  • Purging the Stuff That Owns Us

    Purging the Stuff That Owns Us

    The pruning, the watering, the dusting, and the ironing. If you have stuff, you need to upkeep it. Kids need food and clothes. Your body needs hair cuts and doctor’s appointments. Your house needs gutters and your car needs gas. If we listen to the mantra of American marketing, getting more while spending less is […]

  • Reformation of a Clutterbug

    Reformation of a Clutterbug

    This article was first published in August, 2009 on Divine Caroline. This is pre-blog and the second article I wrote and published on-line. It speaks to what I mentioned in my yard sale pieces about that last yard sale I had after I shut my shop down. As a housewarming gift, our friends rented us […]