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  • I’d Rather Do Spring

    I’d Rather Do Spring

    Rather than chose to focus on what’s sucky today, an emotional addiction to chaos I’ve been auto-playing for years, I now have an intention to see what is good. It’s a working intention that’s working more and more for me. I acknowledge the good and bad and look for the hope before concluding the chapter. […]

  • My Fear of Failure

    My Fear of Failure

    Fear has becomes such a buzz word, I think we no longer understand where it resides in our own lives. Our auto-pilot is engaged and we may not even recognize when fear steps in to drive. But unless we’ve done tremendous amounts of self-work, it’s definitely in us, sometimes making our choices or causing depression […]

  • Fear Makes it Worse

    Fear Makes it Worse

    We are all experts on our own fear. We have developed a close and intimate relationship with our fear through the years. We should know what makes us quake, run away, and hide. We avoid, deny, and perfectionistically talk ourselves out of all the right stuff to keep us safe. Except, fear also makes us […]

  • A Choice Between Perfectionism Or Doing Your Best

    A Choice Between Perfectionism Or Doing Your Best

    I have recently felt an internal shift from all-out perfectionism to just trying for my best. “Doing” used to essentially be how I valued myself. I was a human doing. And there was never enough doing I could do to fulfill the undefined expectations I had about being done. Fear and perfection were my guidelines […]

  • I’m a Former Chaos Junkie

    I’m a Former Chaos Junkie

    I can not remember ever not being whacked out about my life, my month, my week, or my day. I have lived in perpetual chaos, stressed out about whatever events are coming up or jobs or deadlines or responsibilities I had. And it always felt like each outcome would decide whether I was a legitimate […]

  • Oh Santa

    Oh Santa

    Before the Christmas break, he asked us if there’s a Santa. At nine years old, that’s what they do. I answered as many a surprised thoughtful parent before me and said,”What do you think ?” That was probably the give away cliché answer. He already knew the truth and I had confirmed it. So that […]