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  • In Your Face

    In Your Face

    I am large and she is small. While I tend to her needs these days, I am stooped down often sitting on a stool while I’m dressing, diapering, buckling, or scolding her. And I’m right in her line of fire. I am the sight-line, the moving target for her assault. Toddlers are spastic. They get […]

  • I Have To Diddle With Her Diddle

    I Have To Diddle With Her Diddle

    (Be forewarned, there’s a doctor visit with a slightly graphic female parts description coming up .) At Fiona’s recent Doctor’s office check-up, the doctor’s last bodily inventory check was her diddle, or as I call it, her twinkle. And then he checked it again. And he explains to me that her inner lips around her […]

  • Oopsie Daisy Mommy

    Oopsie Daisy Mommy

    On the celebratory day of Fiona being 3 months old, it’s time to come on out and tell you that I am less than Super Mommy. I know you’ll understand dear reader.  And now I’m gonna out myself. I just can’t stand it when someone is right about me being wrong. Especially when it comes […]