I believe that the key to vanquishing our anxieties is in developing our self-trust. We are fearful of everything as long as we don’t think we have what it takes to make the decisions we need to make daily. We have trip anxiety and agoraphobia because we fear we can’t handle what’s next, even if we’ve proven ourselves capable countless times before.

I am busy tweaking my self-trust through my intentional creativity. And I would like very much to get to a point where I not only trust myself, but value and revere what I have to offer. In thinking about what conscious creativity has given me, I discovered there were more ways to achieve self-trust. So here’s a little cheat sheet on the subject. Try just one and see if you feel a little more reliable.

—How to Develop Self-Trust—

Creativity– Allow yourself to listen to your intuition / inner guide and act on what you hear. Intuit more of your day and see where it leads you. Practice a daily creative practice for a week or a month and see what that feels like.Read more about creativity and self-trust here.

Self-Parenting and Leading – Being a better self-parent and supporting your inner child with boundaries and creative time or deadlines. Finding out that your word is true makes you more reliable to yourself and others. Read more about self-parenting here and here.

Goal Setting – To set a goal and follow through with it. You keep returning and you keep your word to yourself, something that you may not have had as a child.

Boundaries – Imposition of boundaries for yourself or abstinence from behavior that is self-destructive or is taking you away from being your truest you. You prove your fear was wrong when it said you would die if you stopped this behavior.

Indulge in play – Sometimes having fun can be the best answer to shake you up. If you keep treating yourself like a work horse and never lighten up, you may not gain any perspective on the truth of who you are and how you are already enough. Trust in your ability to get it done and have fun.

Trustworthy people – Surround yourself with trustworthy folks who give good advice and live what they preach. They will inspire you and guide you. They show you your value by being in your life too.

Credit and Rewards – Giving yourself credit and rewards when you’ve completed the goals you set out to achieve is something I’ve begun to value. A family celebration or treating yourself to the movies tells you that you are proud of yourself and tethers the self-trust a little more.

I felt like I had searched so long for the esteem that I was missing and ended up bumping my head hard on the concept of self-trust as the number one cause of my anxieties. I want to share this wealth of understanding with anyone who needs it. My ahas have been gifted to me by other kind people sharing their stories of change and I find nothing is more important than the relationship I have with myself. To be supportive and kind instead of belittling and cruel is to begin to create self-trust that fuels my next joyful project.

What have you done that you noticed equated into immediate self-trust? Is there anything that I’ve missed in my list of self-trust creating actions?

If you want a more in depth article on the relationship of self-trust and self-efficacy, the belief in your ability to grow and meet goals, visit the Positive Psychology website and read the piece titled What is Self-Efficacy Theory in Psychology.

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