Before Mark and I moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we lived in the quaint neighborhood of Hampden in Baltimore City.  The area was built around a waterway called the Jones Falls and when you catch certain sights, you can feel the history of the town built on the hills around the work of the mills at the bottom. Families residing in the houses their ancestors worked hard to own. The stone houses perched on the hillside are so charming and basic.

It was a rainy day to visit. But the “Avenue”, the name of the main drag of 36th Street, was bustling. I had many jobs and another life here. And the place has changed a bit. It’s still a wacky combination of hipster eateries and shops and bars and pizzerias frequented by the locals.


Denise’s Cafe Hon was the first wait job I had in Hampden when they were in their original location across the street. We then moved the restaurant into a hundred year old hardware and feed store where it now is. I eventually became the floor manager for a brief couple years before I needed to move on. I belong to a core group of gals who worked there together and we still meet yearly to catch up.


And on this revisit day, we chose to eat at Holy Frijoles. When we left 13 years ago, it still occupied the tiny space to the right. My friend’s brother and another fellow opened it up and I helped her put together the mosaic boards that still surround the doorway.


I loved the funky new space very much. The food was eh. But I enjoyed sitting in the window and watching the parade of Friday evening wanderers begin. Wished I’d taken more pictures but I was baby juggling as usual. I so need to go back.


And as we were leaving, I strolled over to the front of the apartment house at 3608 Roland Avenue where Mark and I last lived in B-more. The fence was new. And necessary.

And then it was time for me to go to the meeting I was in town to attend. Bye bye old neighborhood. I miss you.

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