I think I was washing a window last week when I suddenly had a thought. Why was it that I had all these absolutes and edicts about the way things should be. Every task needs to be a certain way or else… And I realized, I need to question my own authority more often.

The absolutes and the edicts have been created by your survival brain. There are certain things I need to be certain to do or else… people won’t like me. If I don’t achieve this fantasy best, I won’t get my tasks done fast enough and I’ll miss something. Or I won’t find my life’s purpose soon enough. They’re laws I’ve made up about living successfully and I’m not even aware of them. Until I suddenly feel my anxiety rising.

Question Your Own Authority on Shalavee.com

Because absolutes and edicts only tend to make me more nervous and doubtful achieving that specific ideal outcome. Every carefully considered action has an “Or Else” clause threatening to ruin my life more than it always seems to be anyway. And I suddenly realized that is such crap. Why am I allowing that mindset to run my daily happiness? Since when do all the little things govern the bigger picture? Sometimes Good Enough is Good Enough.

Sometimes Good Enough is Good Enough

Question Your Own Authority on Shalavee.com


Growing up, I was such a punk. I constantly questioned authority just like I was supposed to. So why would it be any different to question these scripts in my head that no longer serve me?  

So the next time I have a “should attack” followed by that slight angsty feeling, I’m gonna stop dead and find out what the source of it is. I’m gonna question my authority and see if the smoke and mirrors disappear. Because how I feel my life is going is how my life is going.

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