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When I was very very pregnant with Fiona, my friend Amy swooped into my kitchen with a large tray of her father’s recipe lasagna and proceeded to take care of things. It may have been for an hour plus but she was cooking that food and cleaning those dishes and I felt taken care of. I swore that I needed more pioneer women in my life. They make me feel safe and tended to.


It’s not that I aspire to pumping my water or washing my clothes on a river stone. And although I can cook pretty well on a camp stove, I have no aspirations for fire cooked biscuits or canning of any sort. I’ll de-bone a turkey to see if I can but I prefer cooking in a modern-day kitchen. To me a modern-day pioneer woman is a force, a mindset. She knows what needs doing and won’t be swayed by much to get it done.

I fancy myself this kind of woman. I am the sort of gal you want around in an emergency. I won’t panic and freeze. I go into “make the best of it” mode and a “use what you’ve got” mindset. I am taking care of what needs taking care of so we can get on to the fun stuff. Because I also believe that the fun stuff is well worth the trouble. A pioneer woman isn’t necessarily a martyr. She values her own worth and happiness enough to make sure she’s dealt into life’s deck too.

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