“Oh you’d like Pinterest”, they said at my hair salon. And they were more than correct. No invite needed, I crashed the party. What I found there was like a dream. One from which I’ve not been able to wake up.

Remember in high school when you got a poster board and made a dream board of all the things you wanted? You affixed pictures of Camaros, Candies, Sean Cassidy, the beach, and words like AWESOME and Love. Now, everywhere I go on the web, I can grab pretty pictures, pin them with my ‘pin it’ tool, and they go straight back to whatever poster board I want them to go to. No rubber cement necessary.

The more I poked and pinned and checked out the rest of the Pinterest using world, the more I learned. And if you come to my board and grab and go, you leave a trace. I’m looking you up to see your deal. What I saw of others’ boards had me asking what was up with the gee gobs of hairstyles? Ones you’ll never pull off. And the God people? So you like God, OK. I saw the many flavors of humanity on Pinterest

There’s the ‘board for every item’ girl. Yes, she has one image per board. And then there’s the ‘my boards make no sense because there’s random stuff stacked there’ girl. The only difference between the boards and her home is that at least there are dividers programmed between the pictures. The paths in her house between the piles are probably less discernible. And then there’s the ‘nothing’s actually posted to any boards’ people. Why make a board to put nothing on it? It frightens me


I find the board for ‘books I like’ ridiculous. I don’t have enough time to read now that there’s this obsession with Pinterest to take up every iota of free time I have. I’m thinking of getting a Pinterest timer for myself. How much time do you think would be reasonable to give over to the perusal of photographs that make you think you own what you see? Sucking vortex of happiness.

See what I’ve been up to at  Shalagh Hogan (shalaghhogan) on Pinterest. and then you tell me if I should stop. Because when I look at this, I fall in love all over again with all of these pictures. And I feel like a rock star for having the good taste to have pinned them. I’m proud of my addiction. Pray for me and my hairstylist.

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  1. I liked pinterest at first too (I was an early adopter) and then it began to stress me out. All the copyright uproar but mostly I never got around to doing it (it’s probably easier now with the pin it bar button).

    Anyway, I ended up closing my account (I know blasphemy, what kind of design blogger am I?) So, I do feel uneasy from time to time like it’s suddenly going to hit me what I’ve done, that all my friends will be on Pinterest except for me and horrors, they won’t let me back in.

    I do agree however, there are great creative ideas and it is like a shot of happiness.

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