A fellow blog suggested a pictorial theme for post and she picked “peaceful” as the inspiration.

My thought went to my sleeping child. The peace there, if bottled, would tame the most savage in any of us. And in light of the sad anniversary today, I could think of no better image than of my sleeping child to bring me hopeful lovely thoughts of our world.

The three shots I picked show a beautiful little boy who’s changing before our eyes. Yes, I see it. Notice  the purple blanket in every shot.  And know that he still sleeps with “banks”.

Baby Boy Eamon Sleeping
Beach Eamon Sleeping
Second grade Eamon sleeping

I would never get away with this if he was even in fourth grade.




  1. nice! An image that offers a feeling that’s completely opposite this day’s history. Thank you.

  2. I wish adults could sleep as peacefully as kiddos! Stopping by from the photo challenge – great submission!

  3. Hello! Visiting from Maui Shop Girl. When I think peace I definitely think of my sleeping daughter too, since the only time she’s peaceful is when she’s sleeping lol. Love seeing how your son has grown over the years. Very cool.

  4. Michelle ; ) Reply

    awwwwwww! I love this. So sweet. And a nice change from all the political bullcrap that I”m so tired of reading.

    • You know, I don’t involve my brain in that stuff. It gives you brain cavities. Glad I could exploit and distract at the same time.

  5. I love that you showed your son’s different sleeping photos, as he grows up! Ah, so fast, 2nd grade already right?? How cute he still sleeps with the same purple blankie! I’m visiting from MauiShopGirl and I also had a sleeping child photo (lisacng).

  6. Aww…I love this set of sleeping shots. What a sweetie, you are one lucky mama. Love the rosy rosy cheeks.

    Mahalo for participating in the linkup part, have a great thirsty Thursday.

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