Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, when we say we’re going over the bridge, it usually means a 45 minute drive west over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge into Annapolis, MD and destinations beyond. A grand adventure since the big cities beyond, Baltimore or Wash DC, are way more exciting than out little rural town of Denton.

But when I said to my husband, “I’m going over the bridge for lunch” last Thursday, I meant I was strolling over our town’s bridge over the Choptank River to the West side to lunch with the lovely Christina.


She works for the Caroline County Office of Tourism which is on the water on River Landing Road in a restored waterfront warehouse called the Choptank River Heritage Center. That darkness above me is the bridge.

And so over the river I strolled with Fiona on a lovely spring day.

We sat inside the center at a table clad in a happy blue tablecloth that Christina had set for our lunch of grilled chicken, a green salad with Gorgonzola cheese, and a orzo salad. And we enjoyed the view of the boats going by.

lunch down by the river

  I was so lucky to have my special waterside picnic lunch prepared by this beautiful lady who held my baby and spoke to her so sweetly.

And then we rolled back over the bridge and I marveled at all the little spring weed flowers, flowering trees, and finale-ing forsythia.

Christina and Fiona

I send my utmost gratitude to Ms. Christina who is soon enough to be a Mrs..


PS. And I’ve got my eyes on that Heritage Center to use for some special events. I know a guy who can fabulously light an evening cocktail soiree on the water.


  1. I love this – what a beautiful memory with your daughter – and on such a beautiful day! You deserve it!

    • And how Amanda. But so do you. Amy’s cooking up the next date so I hope to see you in the flesh again then.

  2. I’m so glad we were able to picnic together and so so happy to have finally met beautiful baby Fiona! I had a lovely time!

    • We rock. Next lunch is mine to make you. Yours was tough to top so I won’t try.
      Thanks and Love,

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