In the first week of January, following the lead of the incredibly hard-working and inspirational Kim Werker, I declared this my Year Of Making. And I have taken pictures and documented my every day process this year.

The idea was that I prioritize my creativity daily. I felt I’d not been doing this well in the past. And I quickly noticed that I do create daily even if it’s not what you think of as traditional creativity. Like mothering and feeding and writing.

Kim encouraged us to just go ahead and take any lousy picture we had the opportunity to take so we can document our progress. But if you know me, I’m incapable of taking a completely bad picture. Here’s the pictorial proof of my year of making thus far.


From the top left corner across, cards for faraway friends continue, Coffee date at Rise Up Coffee in Easton, Maryland and the pink curtain rods for Fiona’s room makeover ( reveal soon). Second row from left, My new goals board, sleeping Fiona, and another card for a faraway friend. And the bottom row from the left, one more paper feather card for a faraway friend, the remains of a waffle breakfast, and my Brazilian ham, sweet potato, and black bean soup. If you follow me on Instagram , a few of these pictures will be familiar to you.

There are many benefits to choosing to create a daily practice for yourself. The habit keeps you present and the cumulative effects plus actually seeing yourself show up are all so very worth it. I feel we’re so mindless so much of the time and like I mind so many other people so often. If I’m going to choose to mind, why not also have it be about myself. (Or I could concede to just losing my mind but that doesn’t sound like nearly enough fun.)

Expect more random Year of Making collages.

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  1. I like your documentation of all the ways creativity can show up in one’s day. I’m not a mom, but I often feel moms brush off how much creative thought and action make up their days. And to create art pieces on top of that is so enriching for the mind! Yes, better than losing it.

    1. It’s a thing I think. Even before I was a Mom, i brushed off nay blew off nay denied my creativity. So to now hear it and have it compete with all the other stuff is daunting. And doable if you’re creative.
      Again, thanks,

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