As I was reading one of my “Oh my Gosh what’s wrong with me” books, I came across an interesting concept; composing a personal mission statement. If we write them for our business goals, why not for our personal lives. With a set of guidelines to go by, maybe I could be clearer about the choices I make. Or maybe not. I forged this on a whim. Spewed onto the notepad from my purse, I’m unwilling to change them. Maybe I might add to them.

1.) Speak truthfully from my heart for the benefit of clarity and support for myself and others.
2.) Continue to be conscious of my impact on the earth and endeavor to make that a positive impact, editing my process as I go.
3.) Maintain and create connections with family, friends, and fellow human beings.
4.) Feed my creative soul and share it as I go.
5.) Constantly learn and apply what I have learned to my every day.
6.) Take care of my mind and my body so I may be my best for me and the ones I love.

Makes you think about what your priorities are. And that which you are not willing to compromise. And each one of these items has stories to accompany and prove their worth. These are the stories I am never shy to share, reflections of my humanity and my truths. And I hope you may see a piece of you in them too.


  1. Hey Shalagh – The new look is very nice. Minimal and yet touchy feely all at once. Nice going. Your colorful logo looks really keen on this beige gray. I like the little pics with other reads suggested at the bottom as well. Yay!

  2. Shalagh,

    I think it’s a fabulous idea to write out your personal mission statement. It really does clarify what one conceives of their life’s purpose and direction.

    I’m going to sit down right now and write mine.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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