I see the notice come up in my email that tells me so many people have repinned that pin again. The most popular Pinterest repinned pins usually tell me something about what was trending a year ago. Us folks who live on the outskirts of society can be a little behind with the trends. So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at my most popular repinned Pinterest pins of 2013.

What does it say about people that these were the pins they thought were interesting, pretty, or inspirational enough to repin and hoard on their very own boards?

Most Pinned For 2013
Outside Chandelier from Most Popular Pinterest Pins 2013 on Shalavee.com

From my Pinterest events board , the fete lights (which my husband rents) and the chandelier (he has that too)

both with a natural white/burlap vibe, are still hip happy pins for me.

French country boquet in window by laura dowling from www.shalavee.com

From my florals board , the bouquet work of floral designer Laura Dowling from her blog before she became the official floral designer for the White House and dropped out of regular sight.

Amy Butler fabric shower curtain from Most Pinned Pinterest Pins of 2013 from Shalavee.com

The gorgeous Amy Butler fabric as a shower curtain is from the Home inspiration board.

octopus sjower curtain from Shalavee.com Pinterest post

That plus this octopus shower curtain were two of three popular bathroom pins.

Blue bathroom from Popular pin post on Shalavee.com

The other one.

Halloween centerpiece from Alderberry Hill.com Via Shalavee.com Most pinned on Pinterest 2013

The awesomely creative Halloween centerpiece from Alderberry Hill was, and still continues to be, the most repinned picture.

elephant garland from Love, Peace, Peonies.com via Shalavee.com's Most Pinned on Pinterest 2013

And then there’s the baby’s room crafting and the paper makings and fabric obsession.

Alright I have to admit, I love all this stuff too.

Thomas Cambell art via Shalavee.com's most pinned on Pinterest 2013

Thomas Campbell via the Jealous Curator

Were these my favorite pins? Nope. But when I look over my boards, I sigh.

I love everything that’s there or I wouldn’t have brought the pictures home to live on my boards.

Happy oggling and Pinning!

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