There in the corner is my chair. Overstuffed khaki slip covered large butt chair with a faux sheep covered ottoman.

My Chair is where…

Mother's Day kitties on

I write and receive morning guests.

I drink coffee and talk with my husband.

Mother's day in my chair on

I give “snuggles” and pets.

Fiona and Me Selfie on

I watch TV or tune out.

Fiona in my chair on

I breastfed my babies and watch the traffic go by.

Babies in my chair on

I catnap and connect my dots, ponder my value, and write in my journal.

Chair pile up selfie in May '15 on

Cats perch on the chair back behind me, children wedge their ever-widening butts beside me, and occasionally we take morning time selfies to amuse ourselves and remember…my chair is where it all starts.


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