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Here’s the story of how Moonvine’s owner Pama and I became friends. 15 years ago, My sister and I were walking around Easton, Maryland one day and she spotted a funky little shop across the street. It was between the ice cream parlor and the coffee shop on Goldsborough Street. And she insisted we go in even though I didn’t really want to. Just didn’t seem to be my kinda place.

Antiques and florals at Moonvine on

Inside there were cute little fairies everywhere and flowers. And Michelle spotted a picture she really like. I think she bought it. We got to talking to the shop-owner and found out she was a floral designer. Since I was getting married then and was in need of one of those, I got her card. That was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Antiques and florals at Moonvine on


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antiques at Moonvine on
Custom florals at Moonvine on

The next time we met, it was for a wedding flower consultation on 9/11 as our wedding was scheduled for October 4th. We knew something was going on but our consultation went well and we caught a smoke together outside on what would become our famous bench. And the amazing breathtaking florals I was gifted with for my mere $600 included an amazing bridal bouquet, mini hair flowerlets, wedding party boutineers and bouquets, and table arrangements that would knock your socks off. I also got a lifelong friend named Pama.

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I ended up working for Pama there at Moonvine for a couple years before I needed to come to my town of Denton and open up my own shop. Pama would eventually move her shop down to Bethany and several years ago, reopened it in Easton where it now resides on Harrison Street around the corner from the original location.

This coming Saturday, Pama invited me and few other crafters and artists to contribute to


First Annual Spring Open House !!!

Saturday April 30th

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The Very bestest cheesecake I've had in a long while t Moonvine on


Additionally, Pama and her partner Julie began a Cheesecake business called Cheesecake Girls and she’ll be selling their Amazing Cheesecake at the Open House. She “forced” us to take home some chocolate espresso and lemon ginger cheesecake this week. And I enjoyed every single loving guilty bite of each of them. In fact, that was the best darn cheesecake I can remember having.

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antique jewelry galore at Moonvine on
antique jewelry galore at Moonvine on
antique religious jewelry at Moonvine on

Moonvine is brimming with whimsical sweet gifts for Mother’s Day and cards galore including some of my recent card masterpieces. The shop smells good for all the wonderful candles and bath products, and it feels good to be inside of all that beauty. Plus, supporting local businesses feels mighty fine too.

Shop hours on Saturday are from 10AM – 4PM.

Moonvine is located at 21 North Harrison Street in Easton, Maryland USA

Madonna and antique teacups at Moonvine on

Hope you come out, barring any weather nastiness, and say hi to us and have a tromp around Easton. The Easton farmer’s Market also happens on Saturday and these sorts of days are always so jolly and fun to be a part of. I’ll probably be at Moonvine from 11am to perhaps 2pm enjoying good gab and company and showcasing my new cards. Come out and see!

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  1. What an adorable little shop, Shalagh. That’s my kind of place. I think your friendship with Pama was meant to be. Congrats on submitting some pieces to the store. Have fun tomorrow!

    1. I saw that you too supported a local little shop so huzzah to us both for being out with the creative entrepreneurs of our communities. Thank you Amy!!!

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