This moment is the first one I can claim as being alone at home this summer. Sure the husband and I enjoyed a needed break last Friday when the boy went to Grammy and Pop Pop’s. We watched a movie before 9pm. Usually that’s post book-reading and saying goodnight time. Decadent. The movie was kinda cool but way too long. But we watched it and sent it back into the Netflix universe today.

Even the husband didn’t get it last week when I said I hadn’t had any alone time all summer. Remember dear, the kid’s out of school and I don’t work outside the home?

And then last week was the start of glorious summer camps. And, since Dad was home for his stay-cation, he got to take his son to camp every day but then returned to work in the garage on his project. So officially, I wasn’t at home alone.

Today was the first day of the next half day camp. I nearly cried realizing the full day camp isn’t until July 30th.Today’s was a fifteen minute drive away. Precious alone time was eaten up commuting and contending with a beach traffic snafu. Plus the boy was getting on my last nerve driving there.

Talking incessantly seems to be his new thing. He says,” I have a question?” whereupon he asks me something I may or may not have a clue about. “Would you take a parachute with you if you flew on an airplane? What superhero’s name? Do you do Sumo wrestling? What’s development… horizontal… and/or breeding mean?”

I told him he could either stop talking or he could ask his camp counselor his next question? Or he could just tell me about something( that I’d say aha to). Then I turned on some music, any music. And that seemed to quell the questioning beast for a while. I found out when we got there, he had to go to the bathroom. May explain some of the edge. That and it was Lego Camp! Ridiculously exciting and “No, you can’t have Hi-C before camp starts”.

And what do I do when I finally get home to my precious solo time? I put clothing in the dryer and write out the bills because I want that stuff out of my way to “relax”. And then I’m inspired to write, an uncommon occurrence these days. Except I’m inspired to write about how much my kid’s been getting on my nerves?  Writing is writing. This is more than I can say for a few of us blog goddesses with jobs and children and whipped up summers on top.

So then I took a catnap with the laptop motor burning into my legs until I heard the dryer’s beckoning beeps. Forty five minutes to departure for camp pick-up.  Soon I’ll share some of the other exciting goings on of the rest of our summer. Stay Tuned.

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  1. I can soooo empathize Shalagh. Summers keep getting busier! On car rides, my own Mom used to say, “Let’s all be quiet so Mom can think her own thoughts for a minute.”

    When I was single, I used to wonder what Moms possibly did all day at home. I imagined a little light housework & martinis by the pool in some sort of 1960s fantasy. Had no idea how incredibly constant “Mom-ing” can be. How “me time” is a thing of the past. How you literally pass out at the end of the day. How urgently childcare is needed if you are working from home.

    Hang in there! Not that we would ever wish summer away, but … September’s right around the corner. 🙂

    1. Not too angst about it. Hormone’s will amplify the littlest annoyances though, won’t they? I hear you have childcare, envy. But then I hear you have work from home, not envy. Hope to meet you soon.

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