The lovely Mrs. Emily Cranwell had her baby Linden a year ago. When I got pregnant, someone suggested  that I do what she’d done and enlist the support of fellow church members, family, and friends to bring my family some meals throughout the delivery weeks until I was back on my feet. The site is called Mealbaby. Here’s the Facebook page.

What the heck is that all about? Well I’ll tell you. It’s a website where you register and create a calendar for your needed meals to help you through a time when help is necessary. Times like having a baby, recovering from surgery, or the loss of a loved one.

You then send the link out to your people asking for their support and for them to sign up on an online calendar. Sending out the request was the hardest part. I agonized over that cover letter. And I agonized over whether anyone cared enough to sign up. Turns out, they do. And we were treated three times a week, starting with my guesstimated due date, with lovely meals from lovely people.

I was so thrilled that I’d allowed this to happen. And I looked forward to seeing all of my people show up on my doorstep. Many of them hoped and gambled that they would see a baby when they got here. Some were lucky enough to even hold her. Some just saw still pregnant me.

There’s a few of these meal recipes I’m still in need of having. Emily’s scrumptious minestrone soup for one as that was the last meal I enjoyed before I went in to the hospital to have them coax a baby out of me. I am reminded again, remember, it’s a gift to others to allow them to help you. Thanks to each and every one of my food fairies. You were all so sweet and fabulous.

Here’s the link for Mealbaby.


    • And how. I would have been greedy if I’d signed up for more meals a week but before and after, it was the definition of blessing. Thanks Jane.

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