Since the end of July, I have been doing live video broadcasts from my Facebook page here. My thoughts were that I like talking and people like to see people talk so why the heck don’t I start talking online. Subjects have included Burnout, Creativity, and Perfectionism which was the talk the screen froze and I had to finish in another broadcast. Irony is a funny sexy thing. After I am done taping the 10 -12 minute video, the live video goes to “tape” and is held on my page forever more. As of today, I have done 11 (counting the perfectionism one as one) broadcasts. And this is what I’ve learned.

Personal Ahas

  • Anything you devote yourself to regularly you get better at. I was so timid at first that I almost didn’t want people to be watching. Now that I’ve seen myself over and over, I find I’m compelling and interesting.
  • You have to do your thing just for you. It’s a thrill to share it and get other people to watch your progress but it has to be for your happiness.
  • I’m interesting to watch. My personality really comes through and that’s a strength of mine.
  • Keep writing or talking or dancing even if nobody’s watching.
Live to tape chats on


Technological Ahas

  • Where there’s a will, the way is even simpler than you think. Fish around and find out how things work. That’s how children learn.
  • Essentially the web is now so user freaking friendly and interconnected that you only need to poke at a few buttons and everything you need to accomplish a task such as downloading or sharing is right there.
  • Conversely, when the writer of the article you read on shooting a live Facebook broadcast apparently has an Iphone and you have an Android, you may shoot the video of yourself sideways (twice) because she said the comments would show up on the side instead of below.
  • And you should always test out your technology ahead of time to make sure it all looks good and upright and loud enough.
  • When doing Live Facebook broadcast, disconnect notifications of Facebook during or your phone will lock up and you’ll have to force stop the app. Sigh.
  • If you have bad internet connection with Verizon, suck it up and accept that you will be pixelated and have weak signal until you figure out another provider.

I think you should do anything you consider a possibility twice before you decide if it’s a good fit. So far, I rather like doing these broadcast. In fact last week I had uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook on my phone to rid myself of a glitch, and inadvertently posted live to my personal page. But in making this mistake, I had a few people show up that I was pleased to see were watching me.

I showed up in the wrong place. But I showed up. And so did they so Yay!!!  Look for me every Friday at noon on my Shalavee Facebook page or watch the taped version of my talking head on my YouTube channel here.

Enjoy my taped talk on Perfectionism. And it’s part two too.

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