This was several days ago looking into my kitchen. I grabbed the moment and my perspective through my camera. The recycling had already been taken to the dump yet a pile awaited its shuffle into the very frigid garage. The counters and stove were covered in grease and crumbs and dirty dishes. The groceries yet to be unpacked. Complete chaos.

And having used up all of my leftovers and depleted my grocery supply, I did a fruits,veggies, and milk shop (a woman at the store exclaimed that all she wanted now was a salad!). I went ahead and made pots of both turkey chili and beef stew for our New Year’s Eve nosh. They were made with such love and they’re just delicious. I think I was glad to be alone in the kitchen without demand to entertain or command to play.

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Today, instead of feeling like I have to rush to usher my crispy tree out to the curb and clean my house to within an inch of my life, I am of a stealth mind instead. That’s how I got through the holidays so deftly as well. And this is how it’s done.

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You keep putting one foot in front of the other. You don’t rush off to the future or the meaning of life with or without this task done. You hold a steady gaze on what you need and what needs to be done to receive that gift of accomplishment and you continue. Because you do get there eventually, don’t you?

Playing the overwhelm card never served my happier self, only my anxious self. Emotional maturity means you step back and renovate your ways one moment and one thought choice at a time. So this is me re-choosing my process. Sure my house is a filthy mess but who cares? We are having fun!

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    1. Truth Alisa! I am suspicious as to what my motives are when I feel that way. I’m usually doing it for the wayyyyy wrong reason. Me first!
      Thank you!

  1. I met the holidays this year with the same attitude for once in my life. I think I’m finally tired enough to stop fighting the inevitable. It will get done. It will be fine. It will wait. Why did it take so long to learn this lesson? xx

    1. It will still dawn more as the years go by I think. It’s also about truly seeing the difference in what is important than what isn’t. And that dawns to. I’m glad you saw progress! I was still chewing on my lip and my stomach hurt but it was better!

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