Let the games begin. Summer is on top of us like a horny frat guy during rush week. Contrary to some mothers’ perceptions, and those of my past, I’m kinda feeling the love for the concept of this time to come. Save August.

Yesterday was the last half day of school for my seven-year old. An outdoor water balloon toss followed an ice cream party. We had gorgeous East coast weather. Water balloons were tossed and then the children chased the teacher about in mob formation. Then a round of duck duck goose and a kickball game. We had to teach them the rules to both games. And then the afternoon became a yawning space of nothingness filled with gardening for me and ‘Gnomeo and Juliette’ for the boy.

This is summer of toothlessness. Lost one and close to loosing the other front top tooth. Today, I tried to teach him how to blow bubbles in bubblegum. But both the sucky gum and his toothlessness were to blame for no results.

We spent quality time over pizza, a Choco taco, and a round of Ms. Pac Man and Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue at Rusticana Pizza in Easton. And then joined the summer reading club at the main branch library in our Denton, MD, bringing home books on Lewis and Clarke and Legos.

For once, I know we’re not going to have a sucky summer. I can feel myself slowing down and centering. I have vowed to prioritize my kid and myself. The husband’s on his own. But by the sound of it, he’s already taking care of himself with golf and fishing.  He got his phobia’s worth on Mother’s Day. He probably would have preferred taking me and all the mothers out to brunch than climbing the ladder to the stopped up gutter. You can see he’s got a diamond mine in his butt in the photo.

I hope everyone takes the time off he/she so desperately need. (Remember camp Shalagh’s got openings. Don’t be shy, book now.) What are your plans to take care of you this summer? Tell me what that looks like. I’m calling my masseuse tomorrow. And I’m thinking about a spray tan. However, there’s no big trip planned due to the husband’s busy summer gig schedule. Stay-cationing and an overnighter are planned. What do you have planned to look forward too this summer?

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  1. You know, my priority this summer is driving out to my hometown in Ohio and spending a week on Just Me. : )

    It’s a new concept called Vacation for the stay at home mom. I kind of like it.

    Eamon’s non tooth is so cute!!!!

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