Thankfully, we had a reprieve in the weather here in Maryland in August. Usually so ridiculously hot and humid that we all huddle inside our air-conditioned houses and pray our children survive to see the first day of school. Because the lack of exercise, except for the McDonald’s playland , makes them, and you, punchy and annoying and in need of being removed. Summer Death Match 2012 wasn’t pretty. But this year, we were all spared by the mild lovely weather.

Amanda in the Park

During the week of Y camp, Fiona and I visited our friend Amanda on Kent Island at Mowbray Park.

Mark hung his chandelier for the first time and didn’t break it.

Chandelier shot

Fiona sometimes slept and sometimes grew.

baby in the crib

And Summerfest, usually a nasty hot event we secretly just call Simmerfest, wasn’t. Eamon had planned, or rather we had planned for him, to have a lemonade stand.


Sunday morning sandhill fun.

End of Summer...

Eamon checked out who his teacher would be.

And was very happy with his assignment.


And a drive to drop off our cable box in Cambridge gave us a needed day away from the house and some playtime at the super cool playground at Sailwinds Park at the wider stretch of the Choptank River. Here it’s a river. At our house, it’s a big stream.

We had not taken a vacation this summer and the day brought to mind the meaning and necessity of vacations. To be somewhere else with the ones you love playing and not having to do anything. If we’re at home, we find stuff to accomplish.


And last week, a library lego event was great for Eamon. Fiona just wanted to fuss.


You can see Eamon’s piece displayed in the entry area of the Caroline County library. I saw it today complete with “scorpion circle of time” and name tag.


And so it all ends with the first day back to school. 

Me and Fiona are going have special one on one bonding time. Prepare for the Fall Naptime Death Match of 2013.

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    1. Eamonade, I know, I said the same thing as I stared into the garage at the sign. I told he likes to say Poke-aymon because he gets to say his name. And you know you got to go to the beach twice while we live halfway there and we haven’t gone. Pathetic.

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