Fiona was inconsolable with her self-pity after her recent round of shots. I thought she needed them for Pre-K but it seems we got them a year earlier than necessary. They’re done now. And those band-aids that I couldn’t remove from her thighs for days were proof that she wasn’t brave.

Just Because You're Afraid Doesn't Mean You're Not Brave on

Don’t even suggest it to her because she’ll begin to cry and tell you she wasn’t. Still isn’t.

In preparation for the day at the doctor’s office, I had read her a few books on going to the doctor’s and she found one in her bookshelf about the little turtle named Franklin who needs to go to the hospital. He’s had a soccer accident and needs a pin put in his cracked shell. And there’s a charming conversation between he and Dr. Bear where he doesn’t want to have an X-ray taken because he’s afraid it will show that he’s afraid inside.

The very wise doctor says,”An X-ray doesn’t show feelings. It only shows shells and bones.” Franklin says,”You mean no one will know I’m afraid?” and Doctor Bear answers,”No one. But just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. Being brave means doing what you have to do, no matter how scared you feel.”

Being brave means doing what you have to do,

Just Because You're Afraid Doesn't Mean You're Not Brave on

no matter how scared you feel.

Umm. How about that for a little applied wisdom in our lives. What are we putting off today. Not speaking up or risking rejection or telling the truth because of the scary risk of it all. How proud would any of us feel if we stepped up and did it anyway. Did it so we could hear ourselves say,”No thank you.” Or “I’m afraid of what you’ll say but I need to say this anyway.” I need my bravery way more than I need your approval. I need to keep braking through my fears until they fall away and I become as invincible as I will ever be.

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