The first event of my super crazy Mid-October weekend was the fundraiser at the UU Fellowship in Easton. This was the annual fundraiser and this talent review show was to be a jazz club themed event. I came up with the color scheme pretty quickly. Red, plum, soft gold, black, and white. But then took a long time to get that Eureka moment for the tabletop decorations. But I finally got it. I used bare lampshades to act as containers for the candles and decorations as a centerpieces.

This was my test set-up for my centerpieces.

My lampshdae design for the Jazz Club themed event on

And here was one of the tables on the event night.

Lampshade centerpiece for the UU Review on
Stars and red curtain for the UU Review on


 I rented the round tables, which happily were plastic and light, and black round table cloths. And leftover red fabric from the making of the curtain got pulled out of fabric bins and draped atop the black on the table tops. The tables were the only cost as the rest of it was all from my house and Mark’s shop. And we only needed to feed the performers. They were all fabulous!

Performers at the UU Review on

Dave Moore and friends played Pete Seeger’s If I Had a Hammer and everyone sang.

Eamon plays the Entertainer for the UU Review on

My son Eamon played the Entertainer by Scott Joplin.

Colleen and I, the decorating and catering staff for the UU Review on

Colleen and I were pleased with the way it all turned out.

She’s my right hand gal for decorating and helped coordinate the fabulous food as well.

Phillip Sawyer's classical guitar at the UU Review on

Two classical guitar pieces from Phillip Sawyer.

Bartenders at the UU Review on

Our bartenders.

Some dressed up for the UU Review on

Peggy Sharp was the other food coordinator and Ms. Rita and her husband dressed the part.

Nancy Sawyer does a Beatnik version of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. So awesome.

Maureen the music director at the UU Review on

Maureen the musical director did a ring along.

table top decorations for the UU Review on
Jazz Club sign at the UU Review on

I was also compelled to create my own faux neon sign out of black foam core. Don’t look too closely, but I did like the way it came out.

Eamon at the UU Review

And I was quite proud of my son Eamon. Not only did he play Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, but decided to watch the rest of the show in a room filled with adults. One cool cucumber. And Dwaine Eutsey standing behind him was our fabulous MC. Thank you to everyone for making it a successful evening. I think funds were raised and so were spirits. It was a night full of wonderful entertainment and great food and I even won a basket !

Fiona in the playroom on

And Fiona got some quality girl playing time back in the playroom.

Our whole family was pleased to be involved with the successful fundraiser.

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  1. Ha, I must insist on a private concert by the young pianist sometime this week! Looks like a beautiful event.

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