How About That Menopause

I pulled off quite the late bloomer feat three years ago when I got pregnant at the overly ripe age of 46. My one friend stated, leave it to Shalagh to pull off that kind of way-outside-the-box stunt. I wanted no regrets in trying to have one more. And one more is exactly what I got and then some. A Girl!

And now, three years later, my body is starting to stutter. Less than a year now until I turn 50 and I’m missing a period, skipping a beat here and there. Am I happy about it? Yes. Would I be happier if I could just flip a switch and be done with it? Yes.Am I going to wax poetic on my body and all that this represents. Not right now.

The women in my family have little history to tell me about what my family might do so I am winging it here. Osteoporosis, hormone therapy, and estrogen supplements? I don’t know. As much as I’ve cursed my body these past 37 years, it’s the familiar that we cling to.The unknown that we fear.

Hello menopause on

I do know that I’m happy I pulled off what I did when I did. A baby at 46 years old. She’s a blessing and a delight even as she’s flipping me off in her randy toddler fashion. And I have many many lady friendships to draw from were I to dare ask what their experiences have been.

So Bon Voyage to my youthful Mommy purposed body and Hello to the new old lady frontier. It’s all according to a master plan. Just not necessarily mine.

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6 Responses to “How About That Menopause”

  1. Amy Reese says:

    I’m on hormone therapy. It definitely reduces hot flashes and insomnia. It’s been good for me. Weight gain seems inevitable. I have to watch everything I eat as metabolism has slowed. Everything is a bit more challenging, but it is going ok. You’ll be fine, Shalagh! You got this.

    • Shalagh says:

      Oh Amy thank you for your support for my joining the club. I have had maybe a couple minor hot flashes but so far so good. I’d love to be done with tampons and bloating! I’m about to do some hardcore weight removal because having a baby at my age added some extra pounds too!
      Love Ya’,

  2. Shannon says:

    I went through menopause (over and mostly done) before I was 50. Never did hormone therapy (tried but it made me CRAZY). Suffered through the hot flashes, etc. The only thing I didn’t and still don’t like is the metabolism change and the additional 10 lbs.(was 20 that just crept on) I never have been able to shed. Otherwise? Life is good!! Oh—I make sure I have plenty of calcium-rich foods for the osteoporosis/bone loss.

  3. claireylove says:

    Turning 40 makes me think of those changes ahead ~ I definitely feel I’m in a new place since my eldest started university. A kind of menopause of the mind I think!

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