We celebrated Fiona’s miraculous presence in our lives with a meet the baby party yesterday. She’s two months old. I had written a poem in honor of what it is she gifts the world and those who come in contact with her supreme cuteness and innocence. It’s called Hope.

I could be dulled

By my daily routine.
In the trenches

Left boob, right boob,
Change poopy, cat nap,
Rinse and repeat.
I forget about our need

Until I look into your eyes.
The most important need.
The one babies fulfill.
In every face that looks upon our
Baby daughter Fiona,
Even crazy people’s faces,
I see Hope dawn. Hope ignite.
A chance for future hope and
more life to enjoy.

Your welcome and thank you.


    • Did I say I couldn’t? Only that we forget the beauty in our days and in ourselves and sometimes it takes watching others to remind us or enlighten us. Children remind us of why life is worth living out every precious moment. Without anxiety and worry but with faith and generosity.
      Ps Loving Mr. Bird’s music Amy

    • They are all eerily similar, those little ones. I had three little girls in my house. Fiona and Ginny who’s almost two and Carolina who’s maybe four. And the timber of their voices was the same. I will be endeavoring to take a video now of her talking. It’s really cool. You’ve already forgotten Ish. But there are so many lovely little moments yet to enjoy for your daughter.

  1. Ooohh, she’s so beautiful. Congratulations mama. I’m so teary, babies and weddings do that to me.

    Beautiful poem too. Life is a bunch of routines with lovely interruptions.

    • I like that. Life is a bunch of routines with lovely interruptions. Thanks for visiting Tabia.

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