My family moved to the East Coast from the West Coast.  And with them, they brought a love for some traditional foods they knew they were leaving behind. Tacos have the pride of place. We always made tacos for special visitor dinners.

Supplies include:

  • Masa Harina, the ground corn flour with only water added to make the dough
  • Water
  • Waxed paper squares
  • Tortilla press, which I bought at an Hispanic grocery store for $10
  • Rolling pin
  • One hot griddle and one hot oil filled skillet
  • salt and a paper towel lined something to place the treasures on.

What follows is a finessing of dough and wax paper and skillets that creates the most meaty/crispy dough combination making an instant addict of you. Fill that shell then with perfectly seasoned beef or pork or chicken, and top it with lettuce, salsa fresco, cheese, avocado, green onions, and hot sauce, and you will eat tacos until you are sick.

We recently rediscovered our favorite  hot sauce here on the Eastern Shore. Chesapeake Bay Old Style  Caribbean Hot Sauce is smokey and is being sold by Gourmet By the Bay at the Easton Market Square.

However, as of yet, I’ve not found any establishment here creating, in the manner to which I have grown accustomed, these deep fried treasures I crave .  So I guess I’ll keep asking my husband to go pull the batteries out of the smoke detector at the top of the stairs  and I’ll keep on making them myself.

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    1. If you might, I’d tell you I tenderize/simmer with broth for chicken or beef. Sauteed onions and garlic and then add and add again garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, chili powder (dried chiles made to powder in a coffee grinder is great homemeade chile powder ), and maybe some adobo or chipoltle peppers minced up or even jarred salsa. The pork is a shoulder cooked to death and then shredded. That’s what’s in the picture. My husband recently dared to try Rockfish (rich flavor) tacos and said they were excellent.

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