This morning I was asking my husband what he thought of as a visual for good fortune, as this is my friend’s blog picture post theme. “A person walking away from a mangled car”, he offered.  And, now thinking about it, I’d offer up a picture of me pregnant for that matter.


Sadly, being pregnant and racing with whatever cocktails of chemicals are cooking in me has also affected my brain. This past weekend had me weepy and despondent on Friday when my computer caught a bug and needed to be removed and fixed. I wasn’t right for days. Sad that I couldn’t blog or surf or chat. And knowing I should be thankful that my excuse not to carry on with Christmas shenanigans was gone, I carried on.

That'll do


We went and got our tree and I had it lit with all the lights I had in the hour my kid listened to Chipmunk’s Christmas album and Daddude took a nap.  I twitched every time I thought about the computer but I distracted myself with the tree. And then I went up to the craft room and had a creative breakthrough. I made the wonderful paper butterfly wreaths for my blogging friends for our luncheon.

I found out too late the laptop a been fixed since noon. And then I had to wait another twelve hours to pick it up. My theory is that I will often choose the distraction rather than the space to create. And that being helpless renders me furious and then shuts me down.


So It’s becoming clear that I am weepy. And that I’m also brainless. Common sense has left the building. I’m fortunate to be alive and well now and here’s why. Continuing to force the decorating spirit, I saw that a few branches on the tree needed trimming. I went out to the garage and fetched the red handled clippers. And I clipped a branch along with a chunk of three lights. I heard the ZZZtt. But it didn’t register.

Note the black burn residue on the blades

I broke down. I was so mad at myself for doing something so stupid. My husband tried to comfort me and was even sweet enough to try to splice it back together. He’s the one who pointed out that it was a good thing the clippers had rubber on the handle or I’d have been electrocuted. And the baby too.

In the end, I went and fetched another 200 lights to replace the blown strand. And made him swear to tell no one. But I am a blogger and my friend Tania had her photo challenge. So I’m hoping you will all feel sorry for me and not lecture me. Because I did carry on for a while and was a little alarmed at the tongue lashing I gave myself. Later, I knocked something precious over and broke it a little. My kid got to see me cry again. Pray for me and my chemically overloaded soul.


  1. Oh my gosh so sorry you had such a rough few days! I definitely would never lecture you for doing something we probably would all do at some point in our lives. I can’t even tell you how many dangerous/stupid things I’ve done in my life. Someone is definitely watching over me! Love the butterfly wreaths by the way!! L

  2. Laurie,
    Thank you so much for your compassion. I just feel like my brain isn’t working properly. I’d have yelled at anyone I loved for doing something like this. I think I’ve forgiven myself though. Decorating has made strides. Posting pictures soon. Thanks also for the compliment on the wreaths. I dare say they are too cute. My inner child wants to play more!

  3. I have days like that too and I’ve never been pregnant. I have been on the drug of hormone hell choice though, Depo. Does that count?

    I’m sorry your days were rough, I think a lot of us feel frazzled during the holiday season and any of us could have made the mistake with the cutters.

    I picked good fortune because of the 12/12/12 deal and wouldn’t you know it, at exactly noon that day our power went out at work and stayed out for two days (I work for a sugar mill and our power usually comes from the mill, we can usually buy from the county grid if we’re not generating enough but sometimes shit happens and we couldn’t reconnect). Did I mention my auditors were there too? I was a bit worried my carrying on about good fortune caused it (bachi as we would say in Hawaii).

  4. Oh, Shalagh, I’m so sorry that happened. I won’t lecture you. I just happy nothing happened to you or the baby and that you’re ok. I just hope you get some rest. Your tree and butterflies looked really pretty. I hope you had a nice Xmas. xoxo

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