I am not that person putting up her Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. In fact, frankly I need it to be December before I can let Christmas music into my head via my ears. I believe in easing into Christmas.

Go gently into Christmas on Shalavee.com

I want the time to build the anticipation. Get the tree and light it. Then decorate. And enjoy it for several weeks before I strip it and ditch it’s crunchy lifeless body into the brush pile at the dump. I don’t want to be so sick of the tree or merriment that come December 26th, I’m done. I believe in savoring a little Christmas magic through to New Year’s Day.

Yes, I used to be the gal who used Christmas as a way to torture myself with all that I was incompetent in. I could use the non-existent Christmas cookies and lack of money as a great reason to hate myself or the season. But I soon learned that making Christmas a bad thing was just unpleasant. And it wasn’t about me anyway. It was about the people who I loved and the charity of the season.

Go gently into Christmas on Shalavee.com

These days, I have become super proactive in certain areas such as creating and sending the Christmas cards out early, so that I can be leisurely about the creative Christmas stuff I enjoy. The tree and house decorating is no longer torturous because I take my time and do it for me. Same for the meal planning. Other people enjoy these creations but they are all my excuses to play.

Any effort is enough effort. If we keep our sights on the joy of community and the delight of lights and comfort of family and home, we will get all the Christmas we need. We raise appreciative and grateful children when we model that behavior. And enough is truly a state of mind.

I am rounding up some former Christmas posts I feel are definitely worth rereading and will repost these evergreens throughout the rest of December. Hope you enjoy them again, or for the first time, and perhaps I’ll be jumping in to post a peek into my decorating as I go.

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