I like me some to do lists, yes-sir-ree, always have. Lived by them for a long time. However, I find I have a love/hate relationship with them sometimes and here’s why.

When I am done with a task on my list, I cross it out. And when the list has more than fifty percent of its items crossed off, it looks messy so I recopy it onto another piece of paper. And add more stuff.

You can see how this is a dumb way of working a list if you want any job satisfaction. Because you never feel like you’re accomplishing anything because the proof has disappeared.

So, I’m going to try a trick that an old friend used. She took a hi-lighter and marked the tasks completed on the list. A pink hi-lighter would be grand. Much more visually satisfying to see the page fill with pink than scribbles.

Meanwhile, this is what I’ve been up to.

I lost and then found my bank card. The necessary drama for the week.

My son got to spend some quality time with a fabulous friend of ours. They strolled up to the pub and played a raucous game of chess complete with sound effects.This was an offer to him hidden inside an Easter egg. Did I mention, she’s also the Easter Bunny.

Of course there was gardening. About three days worth to deal with the area that hasn’t been addressed since we had a stump ground there. That was great. It was the log sized tree roots buried in the ground that weren’t very friendly. And of course, I ran into those on Mother’s day while the son decided to turn on the hose. He sprayed me, any cat he saw, the tree, but couldn’t actually water any plants.

And then he thought it would be cool to swing and spray at the same time. I’m knowing I should be thankful he hasn’t had the hose in the house thought yet.

Last Friday,the boy brought me home his perceptions of what Mommy liked and did and was. Always amusing. Best one was the last. “I like my Mommy because…she’s weird”. Yeah, that’s right. And he likes himself for the same reason he told me.

So things are getting done and pictures are being taken. The garden is almost ready to be photographed after I do a few things. And the house is vacuumed and laundry done for the weekend. I’m pulling out my pink marker right now. This is a picture of my son teaching the Butthead about the world on the wall in our backyard. Very serious business. Can you see the cat’s ears? Not sure how he put up with the constant babbling stream of teaching consciousness for the boys brain.

And then yesterday, the happy benevolent lawn fairy ( the next door neighbor) mowed my lawn for me. Yay ! That wasn’t even on my list yet. But you bet I’m writing it on there and hi-lighting that sucker. If I only had the army of people that Martha Stewart has, I’d get lotsa stuff done to.

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