This past month, I amped up the volume on self-care. Something shifted that said it’s time to do more to show myself I care about me. So I did.


Used to be when I went in to get my pedicure, I’d consider getting other services done but I’d talk myself right out of them. I didn’t need to spend that money. But this month, I not only waited for the gal I like to be free for my pedicure, I also asked to have my eyebrows waxed and to have her give me a manicure as well. And not any old manicure, a gel one that would last. It’s called pampering and not something I’m good at.


In a similar mindset, I realized that I was going to have to think bigger and badder on the subjects of my joint and sinus problems. So I went to see my physician and he agreed on my follow-up thoughts and wrote me a script for the CT scan I’ll have to get for my sinuses. Because when it comes to physical ailments, there are two things I know. Ailments just don’t just go away. And if you keep following up and pursuing your care, eventually you will get the results you want. Or results that you’ll be able to bear.


I went ahead and jumped back into Weight Watchers for a three-month time period hoping to shed the re-earned pounds from Christmas. Because I really liked when I could fit into my Capri pants last Summer.


How you treat yourself is how other people will treat you


And because I have worked so hard and making progress in my mental health goals, I have finally chosen to drop down to once a month visit with my beloved therapist now. The goals which I had set, I have met. And my shift is sort of stunning. Therapist said that my number one shining achievement was becoming more independent and less codependent.


If you keep following the breadcrumbs to your health and well-being,

you will eventually be well again.

See, nothing changes unless you change it. And the bigger goals won’t get accomplished until the basic needs get taken care of (see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). So a better job or a more fulfilling personal relationship will be out of the question and out of reach until you tell yourself you are worth all the effort to begin with. If you keep following the breadcrumbs to your health and well-being, you will eventually be well again. Following up, going back, rescheduling, and then going all the way with the prescribed plan, even when it’s scary, are how you become well in the end.


The other truth that I now completely understand is that, how you treat yourself is how other people will treat you. So if I treat me with care and respect, so will the world. I’d say the price of a manicure and a doctor’s visit are worth all of that. Now for those braces.

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