I have a little song that I made up for Fiona. And every time I sing it, she stops and smiles because she recognizes it. Sometimes I use it to calm her down when she’s headed for a fussy jag and I need another minute or two to finish what I am, soon to be was, doing.

Who me? This foot? Nothing.
Who me? This foot? Nothing.

She is quite happy in her exersaucer, courtesy of my Mom from a Baltimore consignment store. But like any place or mood at any given moment, something’s gonna give. And thus I thought I’d share the video of Fiona at 5 months going from o to 60 mph. She’s so cute raspberrying one moment and then, wham, she’s nails on the chalkboard.


Cousins asked for updated pictures of the fair Fiona, Mistress of the Manse. And I will oblige. Mostly because I love looking at mt kids. They’re both so photogenic.

Still can’t decide what her eye color is

You should make sure to get pictures of the kids crying when they’re toddlers to so you can show them when they become horny teenagers. we’ve got a great one of Eamon in his snow suit that I love.


My children have those beautiful eyelashes.


And lastly, remember when she was teeny? The memory fades so quickly.

NEwborn and son

Mister blue eyes and his favorite baby sister.

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  1. Tiny Fiona is saying ” what you didn’t hear all that, and I am on tape? Well, take this:) ” She is the cutest little baby ever! Eamon is so handsome , those blue eyes will wreck havoc on the girls one day!!

    1. Hey Meliss,
      She’s cute until she’s on a crying jag and won’t let it go. She’s a determined little redhead. Purses her lips when she’s concentrating. When Eamon gets home, it’s Mommy Who? They love one another so much, Mark commented that he feels like this was all meant to be and the purpose was for them to have eachother. And yes, I hope Eamon remain daft about his looks for a long time coming. Handsome Nerd that he is.

  2. I am enjoying you site so much! I told you that you are truly BLESSED!!! to have Fiona at this awesome age in life.

    Almost, wants to have adopt a baby.

    1. Hey Sally,
      You love you some baby dontch? Remember, you can always borrow her. Come have lunch with me and let her throw hers up on you. I’ll talk to Pegeen and we’ll do it when your busy travel schedule permits.

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