I am caught in a place of decision and doubt. What motivates me and delivers me to purposeful outcome is in question. Where I see Devotion as doing what you do for the benefit of others, I see Ambition and Drive as being motivated by your own ego or fear.

Knowing that what I do, write about, and figure out for myself helps other people seems a handsome impetus to continue. Devoting myself to this process for my sake and theirs is perpetually my next phase which is often held back by fearful lies about my competence to do so.

And then there’s the Drive, what I think of as ambition. I always considered Drive a symptom of the “less than”. I want to prove I’m not less than. I’ll show you. It can be a need for approval and when doing it for anyone but you, you are bound to ride a slippery slope to disappointment.

Devotion verse Drive on Shalavee.com

Money making just for money making’s sake comes from Drive and I tend to judge that harshly. But what do I know of people’s secret fears and hidden stories?

What if the drive for money was needed to bring family to you from far away where they were impoverished or in danger? Or was needed to start-up a nonprofit or champion a cause that was dear to you. Or just to feed your children some non-charity voucher food. I am sometimes such a privileged middle class citizen that I forget that I do not want for these sorts of things. I am with my family and we can eat well or badly by choice.

Ambition itself isn’t a bad thing as long as others needs are not disregarded in the process. If you have the devotion to a greater good in your sight, you will not go wrong with the drive to succeed. Everyone will benefit. It’s the ego propelling you to greedy heights or keeping you from aspiring for a purpose greater than you are destined for that’s questionable.

Any ideas on drive versus devotion? What motivates you?

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