December Thus Far

I always feel like December marches in declaring Christmas or bust. Christmas music is unavoidably on the radio and I’m never quite in the mood yet. I need a little enticement, a little romance to feel the holiday creative spirit. I need to be mostly done with Fall to be embracing Winter. embracing Fall on

December sunsets on

The air needs to feel right. Sound right. The light needs to change. And I’m happy how I’ve forgotten the sky ends up being so breathtaking beautiful beyond October. When the leaves have finished falling, the naked tree lines are gorgeous wispy skeletons, like seeing an x-ray of the capillaries in our lungs.Christmas decorations for a client on

Since I had a decorating job to complete, I forayed out into the world of Holiday decorations early this year and was slightly inspired. And felt a little inoculated to the Christmas craziness. It was good to see it early. Took the bite out of the dread.Christmas floral design for December on

My Christmas present shopping was done early this year too. Because I didn’t want to be thinking I was behind as a Mommy while I did this paying job. My priorities are straight darn it. I have never ever been done with my Christmas shopping (for the kids only) by the first week of December. And there I was, Queen of pro-activity.

Christmas approaches on

So I’m done other people’s trees and decorating and somewhat ready to begin mine. Haven’t a clue what I’ll do but I know I have time, I think , to be inspired to design my tree. Stay tuned for more tales from my December where I’m still enjoying friends and my snail mail exchanges immensely.

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