The day has finally come.

I am letting go of control and inviting the world to come in for a house tour.

I’ve dreamed of this day. I knew when this day came, if I risked this much, I would be ready to risk almost anything.

So welcome to my Crunchy Christmas Video House Tour , 2013 -2014.

You get to see my downstairs dressed up in pretty holiday finery and a bonus at the end. A guest appearance.

And you get to see me in the mirror a couple of times.

Hopefully it will zing by so quickly, you won’t notice that I have my curtains tacked to the wall and one of the tacks has leaped to freedom. Or that I have not figured out what to do with the dining room or my two little ugly yellow club chairs. Ooops, did I tell you my dirty secrets? Oh well, I’m only human.

Let’s get going shall we? Welcome in.


    • She is indeed Kathy. A back breaker and eardrum shatterer. A meetup is due my friend.

  1. Oh, what a lovely house you have. Such fine little touches and details done with such care. It looks so cozy, like a home in the country. You’ve done a beautiful job with it! Great vlog. I adore little Fiona. What a cutie she is. Thanks for letting me into your home. Love ya, Amy

    • Thank you Amy for being my inspiration. I would have asked you over in person were it possible.

  2. Loved the video!!! You have outdone yourself with creativity !!! Love your house, Fiona is perfect

    • I would have you over for a luncheon were you closer too. I took three takes and that was the third. I had hoped she would wake up and she did. Thanks Meliss!

  3. Well at last I got a quiet moment and I’ve been meaning to watch all weekend and WOW Shalagh! I so enjoyed it, I can hardly tell you, it was wonderful. First and most important is YOU look beautiful. Second, I love your house. It is so warm and cosy and you are sooo crafty! I’m not so that always impresses me! I love all the mirrors and the vintage sink in your bathroom, your windows and really everything! Also very important is you are so warm and lovely at talking/presenting. Your’e a natural. I found myself leaning in and chatting to you and oohing and aaahing at this and that and then the baba! Great job : )

    • Ah Jane, you made my heart swell and sing to see that you enjoyed my tour. Your opinion means the world. Funny how we put off the one thing we know we should do which would make the biggest impact. I made sure it was only five minutes. My husband thought I would talk more about stuff. I said it would be too long. If there were questions, I’d answer them. The sink cost five dollars at an auction and five hundred to pay the plumber to install the pipes for that and the washer and dryer. It’s rather nasty under the house as it’s very old.
      Thank you so very much Jane.
      Love to you,
      ps I love the “Sunday” pictures of the girls in your library room.

  4. Was anxiously awaiting the house tour and just now watching! What a delight to see your beautiful old home and your beautiful new Fiona. Love the corner cabinets, the kitchen table (I have a similar one) and your stove! Mr. Crackers too 🙂

    As for perceptions, you make an interesting point. As I only know you virtually, I was both surprised and not at hearing and seeing you in person. Your warmth and genuine spirit comes through both, so you know! I look forward to coming south one day and meeting you as I know it would be great fun. xo

    • Awwwww. You don’t know how good that all makes me feel. Well now you do. The self mirror is a tricky thing. We really have a tiny idea of how others view us. To know that the gals who I have held onto from the very first Decor8 course are still my friends and that they (you) were the ones who loved my video the most, it’s really gratifying. And Yes of course to meeting one day.The Fiona factor is what I gauge my choices by these days.
      Thanks so much Jennifer!

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