I wonder how it is possible that people all over the world can really know themselves and their talents well enough to do work that satisfies them. And also ask for the right payment. I wonder how people are making such an impact knowing their gifts and sharing them to help the world, themselves, and so many others at the same time. Because I struggle every day to get just the right angle, the right understanding of what it is I’m here to do.

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I stepped back recently and reminded myself that when I need perspective on my gifts, I need to go to the kudos file I have and remember all the really kick butt awesome things people, often strangers even, have said to me that have made such a difference to my esteem.

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Andrea was the one who told me that I really am a good enough a writer to be published in magazines. Mr. Jerry, a former magazine guy had already told me this. Linda at the drugstore said that my hair always looks good. Amanda said my writing is just as good as anything on Huff Post. Over our dinner at the brew pub, Jill sweetly gushed in telling me what a good writer I was. My Christmas tree for the church last year garnered such enthusiastic responses from people I admired and don’t usually hear from. I have felt pretty good about myself this year on several occasions.

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I forget who I am. As soon as I’ve felt the compliment goodness for a day, it begins to fade and I forget who I am and what it is I give to the world. If your internal image doesn’t fit the outside world’s, nothing sticks in there. There is an exchange of energy that I’m paying attention to now. I’ve gotta build up the bottom of the pit so stuff like compliments and esteem stay in it.

It's not you but who you think you're not fromtruthinmotherhoodblog via Shalavee.com

What purpose does it serve to have a self-esteem sieve? No risks and no change means no failure I suppose. But eventually it’s too painful to stay. A transition bridge is there for me to cross and it’s a hard one. As if I’m crossing it in the dark built on foundations of faith I’ve never had before. But I”m taking it one step at a time and adding the cross boards from the compliments of the lovely people given to me daily. The nails keeping it together are made from gratitude. Keep it coming Universe, keep it coming.

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  1. I met a higher level of faith in 2011 when I realized that in order to live more fully I needed to say goodbye to my best friend since age 13, alcohol. I intigrated the knowledge of Spirit and the Universe from my mind to my heart, and began to understand that all those messages and beliefs of fault and imperfection came from the insecurities of others.

    Without the darkness there would be no light! ❤️

    1. I was thinking about you hard yesterday. This must have been why. Yes, there are no lines in nature, only areas of light against dark. We’ve both seen some stuff I think. And I can tell the difference between then and now. It feels better. Thank you for this.

  2. No risks and no change, no failure? Yes.  But quite possibly no life either.

    “Better to have lived and loved than not to have lived at all.”
    (Not to be confused with Alfred L. Tennyson’s ‘love and lost.’)

    There’s discomfort in all transition. Example: saving up to move out of a horrible apartment.

    But still, better to love what you have anyway.

    I don’t have the qualities of this or that person.
    Self-esteem may say, “I’m not that person; I’m me, with my own qualities; that’s neither good nor bad, just different in the technical sense.”

    One thinking that he/she is lacking is probably missing something…and it may be happiness, simply.

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