When I see an event like a festival, a fair, or a conference happen, I am amazed. In only a couple of days, people are organized and objects appear in such a timely way and magic happens. It’s truly a wonder and the key is the preparation and planning.

I am guilty of being a chaotic writer and artist, waiting for inspiration or time before I could or would write my blog posts. This had me cranking pieces out at inopportune times like the space after dinner and 15 minutes before bedtime. Maybe Late night or it just felt late. Although I was relieved and proud that these posts happened, I knew there was a better way to do this but I was afraid of the change. My creative habits were counterproductive.Having the baby converted me.

Thank you note from Banking My Creativity on Shalavee.com

I gave up that life of turmoil because Fiona my One year-old requires me to be present on her schedule not mine. And I had to figure out a way to keep blogging for me. Since her birth, I have begun to bank my writing inspiration. I am stealing nap time to crank these posts out. But I’m also able to spend more time connecting with other people online in my one hour of nighttime alone time. And that is also immensely satisfying.

A thank you card to Yellie from Shalavee.com

So I have bid my procrastinating old ways a fond farewell. Creativity in the trenches under fire no longer serves me, if it ever did. We do what we know until we chose to change it. I have graduated to big girl planning and this being ahead and scheduling stuff is actually proving to make me a better blogger and parent. My creativity has blossomed. Instead of having no ideas, I have lots. And I’m interested in pursuing all of them. I am just plain happier. I am realizing that this choice to do stuff ahead of time makes me Pro-active not Re-active. Funny to think I fought scheduling my posts for all this time.

Now if I could consistently schedule meals, I’d really kicking butt.

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