Seems women are less compassionate towards themselves than men. Men will rate their own efforts way better than women will judge their own efforts. Somehow our need to care-take the world means that we have to reserve our compassion for others? We need to work ourselves to exhaustion for the sake of everyone. Martyrdom is then a complete lack of self-compassion and crediting our efforts. Why are we saving the world and driving ourselves into the ground if we just end up being mean to ourselves?

Compassion breeds confidence on

Mean shouldn’t be our motivation to work. But when we aren’t being loving or compassionate with anyone including ourselves, that’s what it is. Judgement is the opposite of compassion. So not only are we ignoring our needs, we’re judging ourselves for having them. We’re berating and punishing and denying ourselves basic care needs. For what purpose?

If we were compassionate with ourselves, as we imagine we are with everyone else, and told ourselves that everyone has days like this and it’s OK to be sad or mad and keep trying, we’d have more room for our humanity. We’d have permission to clean up life’s little messes more quickly, we’d have a better sense of humor too probably.

Compassion breeds confidence on

And as we kept trying to just deal with our lives the best we could and allow for opportunities as well as the failures, we’d have many more opportunities to gain confidence. In the end we’d feel better about ourselves and our abilities. We’d be showing up to mother ourselves in the fashion we expect ourselves to do with our children. And I’d bet we’d rate our efforts more highly.

Because, PS , our children will do to themselves as they see us doing to ourselves. You can not hide who you are and what you believe. And if you are a self-critical judgement-aholic, you’ll raise one. Want a child with confidence, treat yourself with kindness and care, know where you stop and they start and draw the line for the sake of your love. You will be glad to have steered your family in that direction.

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  1. Damn you are smart. I am sharing this today with the female “peeps” in my office.we said, well said. well said (and written!).
    So was that little pip Fiona running away from you on the brick walway.. feisty bugger.Or was she checking to make sure her wise momma was right behind you? lol

    1. Could notake my day any better than when I know you’ve been here Sue. Thank you for sharing my wisdom as I too am recycling it from the world wisdom.
      Love To you today,

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my piece Elizabeth! This king yesterday about how many times we recognize how we should treat ourselves and then we go and are not nice again. Takes a lot of work to value us.
      Love Ya’,

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