As promised on my facebook intro to my very serious  last post, this next one is all about butterflies and cupcakes. Ironically, while waiting for the bus this morning in the driveway, a monarch butterfly mistook Eamon for a flower and scared him.  I laughed really hard.

Monarch butterflies on a fragrant Lobelia bush at the Jamestown museum site.
My spring flower boats with paper butterflies went to the Lily Pad Cafe for the table decorations.
Butterflies as restaurant decor and again, en mass, this collection is stupendous.

Vintage fashion brooch  butterflies. I have my grandmothers with yellow, orange, and red glass sparkly one.  And possibility for a DIY mobile. It’s the quantity that wows.

I love the vintage illustrations, especially a page full.
Eamon’s April birthday cupcakes on which he is placing 7 jellybeans.
And as we move into cupcakes, there’s no reason to not have butterflies too.
These are very cute.
Not sure the butterflies are edible. A very romantic wedding cupcake tower with the roses.

And I chose the this last one for the simplicity, variation, and volume of cupcakes on this display. Were I to do another wedding, I would totally go with a gigantic cupcake tower and save myself, and anyone else, the aggravation of the cake cutting.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short virtual tour of butterflies and cupcakes. You never know. A kittens and lollipops theme could show up when you least expect it.

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    Thank you so much! That was absolutely lovely. It’s just what I needed!

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