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Is it that I’m too pragmatic or my expectations are too high? Because I believe that if you’re going to make the effort to write a book or create anything that you want people to buy or buy into, you need to make sure it will in fact help them and not just you. Books need to have a little more purpose for the money they ask.

There’s a book up on my bookshelf. It’s been sitting there, me staring at it for years now. I looked at it once and then plopped it up on the shelf to fill space. But the book is just eye candy. It has pretty pictures of how someone decorated and styled a photo shoot. But there is nothing of practical worth in it for me, save perhaps a tiny shred of inspiration. But after you’ve read it, you are done. No more value is issuing forth from that book. And that annoys me.

Books that don't help on Shalavee.com

I believe that there is a lot of crap that is being passed off as something you should want but after you buy it, there’s nothing happening to benefit you and your life.

That it is understood that some books are of keeping value and some are just to be thumbed through like a magazine at the doctor’s office and then never to be looked at again. I get it. But why do I feel compelled to hold onto this book? That’s my bad. And I think, what sort of book would I offer which had more?Could I just throw together a book of pretty pictures with no helpful words inside. No.

I believe that there is such a thing as pretty pictures combined with good helpful content. That is the sort of book, website, Facebook group, and social media account I want to hold onto and be a part of. And I believe that there is a lot of crap that is being passed off as something you should want but after you get there, there’s nothing happening to benefit you and your life. Value to me has deeper roots and I’m about to purge myself of items that no longer serve the value which I want to see in my life. And the kind I want to create in my life as well. What about you?

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  1. Hey Shalagh,
    Remember back in the day buying an entire album for just one good song? I guess, depending where the song was located, you could have sawed the rest of the vinyl away with a dremel if you wanted to purge yourself of the rest of the crappy songs. : ) m

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