The burble and hustle of the holidays are about to spill over the edge of my life. Before I put my head down and belly up to my ” We are All Event Planners ” position, I’d like to pause and tell you the reasons why I do any of this. A few of the numerous things I am grateful for at this time of the year. I am grateful for:

The food that I prepare but did not grow.

The kindness of the children I birthed.

The afternoon sunbeam through my window.

The garden dirt I potentially can grow stuff in.

The clean water I have to drink.

The secret hidden stash of Lindt chocolate.

The 14 year old lumpy mattress I sleep on.

The 56 year old man I sleep next to.

The freedom I have to move about my life without terror.

The space I have to live in error.

And the friends and family I have to share all my joys and sorrows with.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in all places for contributing to the wonderful world I live in. I am grateful for you too.

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