I am amused, tickled, and sometimes irked at the resurgence in popularity of the Ball jar. I have always had a ‘thing’ for these glass canning containers. As a shop owner of a gift and antiques store, they were a staple. I always scarfed up box loads full of ball jars when I came across them at flea markets or estate sales. And I’d refuse to pay more than a couple bucks for a box full. As we come to find out, their uses are many.

Personally, I did the sand/candle/jar combo on my cocktail tables at my wedding 11 years ago. And had hanging versions on a horse harness thinger on my porch like a chandelier. You have to put lids on them to keep out the rain though. I love the hanging votive versions and the jar of wedding flowers attached to a ceremony aisle chair. I’m especially drawn to flowers arrangements in the blue ones. And the light fixtures with lids in tact and bottoms gone are coolio.

I’d say I am almost pretty much done with the recipe in a jar however. But the exception would be my friend’s “Brains” in a jar favor for Halloween. It was both yummy and really cool looking too. Raspberry brains, my favorite.

Jar of yummy brains

I also kinda like the drink with a straw and a lemon twist in the jar on a hot day. The pre-made jars of drinks in the washtub is nice too. The hose-clamp holders to hold them up on the wall is clever. Especially as planters, scissor, or pencil holders. Always about the sculpture with a practical twist. Same with the garden gate.

So the Joanne’s advertisement didn’t surprise me. The craft they used for the picture is a nice picture mixing scrap-booking with the jar.  And I created a self-esteem booster jar with a Ball jar for another post and of course, I think that was just fabulous.

So here’s to all the other uses of ball jars besides its official canning purpose. Because you know I’m terrified of the process of canning. What with the possibility of Botulism and all. Happy crafty time.



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  1. Shalagh, I never knew there were so many uses for the Ball Jar. They are really beautiful. I don’t feel crafty enough to do these, but perhaps It’ll try! P.S. I didn’t do a post Halloween with Sandy…but I wanted to tell you that my six-year-old did fabulous!! I lost count with the number of houses, but it far exceeded 5 or 15. Maybe more like 30!! He made great strides.

    1. I’m proud of him. How’s sticky fingers hubby?
      And we were actually told that our children were allowed to trick of treat last night. So my Halloween pictures just got downloaded. Must be nice to be the God of holidays.

  2. I do have quite a few jars, but sadly haven’t been half as creative about them as possible, obviously! Also, they don’t seem to have those lovely coloured ones over here which is really sad.

    Thank you for the comment over at my blog, I’m quite upset the class is over as well, and am quite happy to stay in touch with you 🙂

    1. Yay us! If you are a blue girl ( I am a green girl but somehow love those blue ball jars) I’d be happy to to send you one.
      My son likes Grumpy George. We have kitties with personality too. We make stories up. So we like George.

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